The story behind Newline

At Themesjuice we have a lot of session to experience new design for upcoming theme and customer’s website. In that session we discuss, mock up and design a lot of prototype for company and business. A long the way one problem start taking the whole session discussion. What is the meaning of branding in 2015?

Company, corporate, start up all have the need to earn the trust from customer. Themesjuice have that need too. From our perspective, at the end of the day what you have done is more important than any impressive effect, color block that we put on website. People don’t come to you because of nice effect on your website. They don’t even come to you because you have used a trendy font on your site. They come to you because of your story, product, service and what you have done so far.

We deeply believe that content is king. No level of design can fix wrong content. That’s the inspiration of our Newline. We start to experience with the concept “content is the new design”. Our vision is a theme carefully designed that will empower its content and help tell stories. Together with our theme your content will shine and make your own branding.

With that concept in mind we start applying minimalism style together with less is more and simple is the ultimate sophistication to build up the theme. Right now the themes is a collection of

  • Single web page format
  • Blogging

In the future Newline will be a full platform for those believe in “Content is the new design” with lots of feature like

  • Separate portfolio page
  • More powerful pricing plan
  • Woo commerce integration
  • More powerful page builder

For our demo you can view it here

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