Make the different with Themesjuice page builder

On the previous post we have already discussed about why we build our Themesjuice Page Builder. At this post we would like to point out the main different between our builder and other. 100% compatible with Bootstrap convention Each of usĀ at Themesjuice is a huge fan of Bootstrap. We love Bootstrap so much that we…


Why another builder?

Our Newline WordPress theme depend heavily on our Themesjuice Page Builder. Right now i know you have a big question already. Why are you building another page builder while there are already quite a lot of page builder right there? At first using other available page builder is the number 1 priority. It save time….


The story behind Newline

At Themesjuice we have a lot of session to experience new design for upcoming theme and customer’s website. In that session we discuss, mock up and design a lot of prototype for company and business. A long the way one problem start taking the whole session discussion. What is the meaning of branding in 2015?…


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